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Happy New Years! It’s officially the future. And, because robots haven’t taken over just yet, we’d like to take a minute to look back at some of our favorite projects of 2014. As we ramp up into this exciting new year, we’re stoked to “ring in” new projects. So give us a shout when you’re ready, and let’s resolve to create some awesomeness together.
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Oliveros Law Video
One of our favorite projects of 2014 was a video for Attorney Andres Oliveros. In an attempt to create a truly unique attorney video, we developed a cinematic, story-driven piece that sheds light both on the law firm and Oliveros as a person. Our goal was to make Oliveros more accessible and relatable to his clients by telling the story of a man driven to help those in need.
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Explainer Video
From local activities, to services, to dating, this new app does it all — and we had to convey all of it in just two minutes! We chose the day-in-the-life format for this video and used some fancy motion graphics to help further illustrate the app’s capabilities.
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Email Blast Videos
Created for Eckerd College, this video sits inside an email blast reminding students to apply. Our goal was to show how “Study Hall” can be a little different at Eckerd College. Eckerd is not your typical college -for good reasons- and we hope we conveyed that!
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